Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mobile & Social Holiday Cheer 2011 from John Szeder

Twas the night before Christmas, and people stood still
Watching publishers reach for the top of the hill.

Is EA or Activision or Zynga now king?
I am sure that IPO-ville will help clear up the thing.

Facebook is establishing credit with devs.
Sharing tips, tricks and plans, but not much on revs...

The market place seems like it’s throwing off cash,
So why do we feel like we are approaching a crash?

Are we like real estate? Are we in trouble?
Is this some sort of massive internet bubble?

Will Zynga price high and end up under water?
Are new social games going like lambs to the slaughter?

Do we bet big on mobile? Do we html5?
Will Android deployment allow devs to survive?

Is Windows 8 the way to bring apps to the mobs?
Will Apple survive without its Steve Jobs?

These questions are mighty, the answers unclear…
So get drunk, swear profusely, and have a happy new year!

© 2011 John Szeder

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