Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gameloft: Revenue & Net For The Last 2 Halves

Gameloft released its financial results for the first half of 2010, after teasing topline sales late last month. The points that caught my eye were...
  1. Profitability seems to be ramping nicely, which isn't typical in the space
  2. The company now sits on a stash of $33mil in cash
  3. Emphasis on Java/BREW marketshare the company is gaining as competitors exit that space
All of which make me wonder what how much of Gameloft profitability is being generated from non-smartphone channels.


  1. Makes you wonder why they don't make a play for Glu, which they could easily absorb with the cash on hand and which has a significant present in the biggest feature phone market out there: China. Unless the skeletons in the closet chez Glu are as bad as one might imagine.

  2. @Paul - Gameloft has always been about organic growth, so I don't see them making a play for Glu, or any other publishers. That said, the question becomes how do they put that capital to work in way that will help their business scale. Depending on how Game Center plays out I could see them investing a cross-OS social gaming and/or virtual goods platform.