Monday, November 30, 2009

Linktone Revenues & Net Q3 08 to Q3 09

Chinese value-added services (VAS) company Linktone (LTON) reported earnings after the US markets closed on Monday. You may notice that there's some discrepancy between the comparable Q2 2009 and Q3 2008 revenue numbers in their release and my numbers above, which are based on what most financial sites have on record. I'll reconcile these if I determine the financial sites are incorrect. Either way, China Wireless News summed it up nicely by calling the Q3 numbers "dismal". Indeed the company seems stuck in a bit of rut and it's clearly not yet seeing meaningful results from diversification into services beyond the SMS & IVR vending of graphics, tones and fortunes or their international expansion initiatives beyond China. Investors are definitely not impressed and have been punishing the stock all morning... it's been down over 20% for most of the early trading session. I think that in order for Linktone to get back in the market's good graces and provide meaningful competition to China's #1 mobile content player, KongZhong (KONG), they're really going to have to step it up in the mobile games space, broaden their offering of 3G oriented services (like their recently announced MLB video deal) and quickly prove that they can be a relevant player in new markets they're pursuing in South East Asia.

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