Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mandalay's Gotta Shake It's Money Maker

Mandalay Media (MNDL), the parent of mobile adult content and games companies AMV & Twistbox, reported earnings and guidance yesterday for their fiscal Q2 2010. Revenue increased more than 100% from the year ago period... but that growth is almost entirely attributable to the AMV acquisition. A look at recent consecutive quarters and company guidance to full year revenue "in excess of $40 million"... indicates the company is running super-flat. I've posted a lot about Mandalay and my lingering concerns continue to intensify. They've gotta deal with their content identity crisis. I contend that they should focus on the adult content market, which provides 87.5% of their revenue, and in which they're a major player (remember Twistbox used to be Waat Media). However, I'm not at all convinced that's the direction they're headed following the appointment of Ray Schaaf as President and their recent Hail Mary attempt to buy World Poker Tour. More immediately, they've got to deal with their deepening cash crisis... as of September 30th they've dwindled their reserves down to $2.8mil, which won't last them 6 months at current burn rates.

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