Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mobile Content Stocks vs Nasdaq Last 3 Months

My current basket of stocks includes: net Mobile, Buongiorno, Artificial Life, GetFugu, Gameloft, Mobile Streams, Glu Mobile, Velti, Linktone, Ku6 Media, ROK Entertainment, NeuMedia, 2 Ergo, KongZhong, Amico Games, DeNA, LiveWire Mobile, Motricity, Bango, Acotel Group, Vringo, conVISUAL, Lenco Mobile & Electronic Arts. I'd like to add GAMEVIL & Com2uS, but I haven't found a good way to integrate Kosdaq companies into Google Finance ('cause it still kinda sucks).


  1. Hi Jeremy

    This is a great list- I also have Mimvi U.S., MNET Group Australia and Zamano UK/ Ireland on my Bloomberg app if you want to add them too.

    Regards Simon Buckingham Mobile Streams/ Appitalism

  2. Thanks Simon -- I've added your suggestions

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