Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#1 in Games on App Store = $7mil for Gameloft?

According to Mobile Entertainment Apple has revealed that its top mobile games publisher Gameloft (GFT) has had 2mil paid downloads of its titles through the iTunes App store (available for iPod touch and iPhone). Gameloft has 33 Apps in the store with an average price (loosely factoring in rank & recent price erosion) of about $4.99. My math (2mil x 4.99 x 70%) tells me that Gameloft has made about $7mil from iTunes App Store to date. I expected this number to be substantially higher...didn't you? This makes me believe more than ever that publishers shouldn't abandon legacy platforms... it also make me think that companies like poor Glu Mobile (GLUU) have been unfairly beaten-up for not being as aggressive on the platform. Another thing that surprised me about this is that if, as Apple reported yesterday, there have been 800mil downloads of Apps then Gameloft only has 0.25% share...which is astoundingly low considering they are the lead publisher in the lead category! This speaks volumes to the chaotic clutter of Apps and publisher/developers on the platform.

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