Monday, March 16, 2009

More Americans Like The Mobile Web More Often

comScore released some numbers about mobile web usage in the US today. Unfortunately you don't get a good picture of overall mobile web usage from this survey, rather you get some understanding of behaviors within specific segments of the mobile internet. For instance it looks like 63.2mil Americans accessed news & info sites (like CNN) at least once in Jan 2009 via their mobile browsers...and 22.4mil did it daily (daily use increased over 100% from a year ago period). Social Networking mobile sites (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) saw a huge jump in daily usage (guilty!)...up 427% from Jan 2008, with 9.3mil daily users. I'm convinced this trend is being driven by the increased popularity of smartphones with full QWERTY keyboards, good browsers (that make it easy for users to browse beyond the carrier deck), big screens and unlimited data plans.

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