Thursday, March 19, 2009

Like How Trendy Are Mobile Games?

Boy, do I love Google Trends...I've wasted many geeky hours on this site trying to figure out what y'all are thinking about (and I'm a little frightened, frankly). Anyhoo...before GDC I thought it would be cool to post this graph that shows the relative hotness (used loosely) of "mobile games" as a search term. Here's what I'm gathering from these data:

1) Consumer interest in mobile games since 2004 has been tepid, but stable and (the good news) search volume has been growing incrementally.
2) As most publishers and every carrier know, consumers are most enthusiastic about mobile games in the time period just before and after the Holidays...when they presumably are getting or got a shiny new handset.
3) (This you can't see with me unless you click through the chart) Interest in mobile games is coming from some interesting places...particularly developing countries in Asia and some of the smaller economies in Europe. Top 5 in terms of search volume are Pakistan, India, Philippines, Greece and Croatia.

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