Wednesday, April 22, 2009

B! Renames Stinko Blinko Poopingsound

...oops, I mean "peoplesound". Mobile personalization behemoth Buongiorno (2008 Revs=~$400mil) has decided to reimagine it's failed (~5k WW daily uniques) web-to-mobile portal, posing as a social networking site, Blinko as a pureplay mobile social network called peoplesound (all lowercase b/c that's cooler) according to a story yesterday in Mobile Entertainment. The service hopes to differentiate itself by limiting users to 20 friends...the thought being that this is the number of real friends people have, as opposed to the hundreds or thousands the may claim on Facebook or MySpace (hmm, seems like a great model to build scale). Is anyone out there jonesing for a service like this?...exactly, which is why it will be relegated to the dustbin of money losing, consumer non-event history along with similarly aspiring endeavors like Cellfish, ZaOza and Zannel. One (year) and done.

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