Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Digital Something That Looks Like Chocolate

Moconews has a post today about Digital Chocolate's (and Trip Hawkins') iPhone epiphany that was detailed in a Venture Beat interview. According the story D'Choc was a late comer to the platform, but they have had amazing success with their titles since launching in December. According to Trip their first 4 games have had 10 mil downloads in the first 100 days in the App store, with a $3+ price point.

So wait a minute...that would mean (if we say their avg price is $3.49) that they have made about $25mil from iPhone alone since December (10mil x $3.49 x 70%). Poppycock! That's gotta be substantially greater than D'Choc's entire revenue for 2008 (which Hoover's estimates at ~$6mil, ouch!). If this was true they would be on track to rival EA Mobile & Gameloft...which I'm sure is what they would like you to believe. Currently they have 7 titles live in the App store...and a bunch of free barker Apps. My guess is that they may have had 10mil downloads across all these Apps, but that the vast majority have been of the free ones. Btw - now that Trip has blessed the platform you're all free to embrace it as well.

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  1. DChoc probably sold a few 100K units at best. Trip's a PR drama queen.