Monday, April 13, 2009

iPhone Poseurs Pretend To Be Into Games...But Actually Like The Weather

Shout out to Nick Dale for sending me an interesting article from MediaPost that highlights the discrepancies between the iPhone Apps users download and actually use. According the article, an upcoming report from Compete will show that while games are consistently the most popular downloads, consumers actually don't play them very much. Rather they spend most of their time with information/utility Apps like Weather Channel & Shazam. Facebook also gets very high repeat usage (hmm, wouldn't know anything about that), but surprisingly MySpace does contributor to the article suspects that this is due to a better alignment between the Facebook & iPhone demos. The article goes on to say that most iPhone users claim that they are discovering Apps on their own rather than relying on the recommendations of other users or what is most popular (big liars).

Does this mean that more consumers aspire to be gamers than actually are gamers? I think so. Does this mean over time that those same consumers will buy fewer game Apps and begin to consume those applications that they actually will use?...perhaps, and perhaps they'll start using that gym membership 3 days a week and using the Land Rover for off-road excursions.

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