Monday, August 3, 2009

Like Water For Digital Chocolate

The mobile space suffered from a drought of interesting stories in the latter half of last I was outta town at a wedding. But Monday morning has turned out to be pretty interesting. My favorite story so far is typically sensational fare from our friends at Digital Chocolate. PocketGamer reported this morning about a post on CEO Trip Hawkins' blog that company employees had a run in with (notoriously corrupt) police in the Northern Mexico town of Mexicali. The group, which was scoping out a new D'Choc operation there, was handcuffed, aggressively interrogated and then let go. The big news here is that Trip is alleging that the whole incident was the result of a false tip suggesting the group was involved in a drug deal (no laughing matter in Mexico right now) from a mobile gaming competitor that already has operation in Mexico. This sounds a little bit like conspiracy theory paranoia to me (and I hope to God it's not a publicity stunt)...but if it's true, it would be a very serious matter that should result in some form of industry (if not criminal) sanction against the perpetrator. I'll update as this story develops...


  1. @Anonymous...sorry to leave you hanging. Still digging, but not finding much.