Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mobile Games Big 3 Revenue Recent Quarters

Either the mobile games business is completely flat (astonishing considering all the iPhone hype), or it's growing and the Big 3 are losing share.


  1. Mobile games business is flat, and if you were to disregard iPhone sales it would reveal that the Java / Brew market is probably 20-30% down in major markets.

  2. Looks like Glu just missed the boat... 14% and 17% year over year growth for ea. and Gameloft is not too shabby, don't you think?

  3. @Josh - fair point...guess I was expecting QoQ growth in light of the expansion of new distribution channels. It looks like this growth is not enough to offset seasonality we've seen in the business for years. I do think that smaller more nimble developers are stealing share from bigger publishers on iPhone.

  4. The mobile games business is flat. The big ones dont have space to grow in the normal j2me/brew world so they are jumping into other markets like iphone, but also on other download platforms.

    midsize publishers are leaving the market or gathering more market shares heavily. thanks to the others from the midfield.

    small developers from j2me already left to iphone trying to build a blockbuster.

    glus loss in revenues are normal. they didnt spend the huge marketing budget anymore and the current iphone games werent making enough money.

    iphone is still a very interesting market but its just a small market compared to j2me and brew in total and more importanly its flooded with content, price war started long time ago (99cents) - making money is very hard for the big two. they just have too high cost for developing games.

    operators around the world are also very sceptical cause such a strong "duopoly" is dangerous. They killed most of the midfield and currently not getting enough fresh content.

    I am still waiting till we see the first buyouts from mobile game developers or publishers from big operators just to secure the mobile game business.

    One of the reason why the market is so flat are the operators - cause they didnt care about the user experience. downloading a game on the iphone is easy and everyone knows what it cost. downloading a mobile j2me game is still VERY complicated and in too many countries the consumer dont know what it will cost at the end of the day!

    App stores are for sure not the answer to the whole problem. long comment ;-)