Friday, October 30, 2009

N-Gage 1.0 Was A Taco, N-Gage 2.0 Is Toast

Mobile Entertainment & mocoNews both had good stories today covering Nokia's confirmation of what mobile games publishers had been buzzing about for months, and that I had anticipated back in July (truly the worst kept secret in mobile entertainment)... that the second iteration of Nokia's N-Gage (the SDK and services iteration) was well and truly dead. The plan is to roll all of the Finnish handset manufacturer's mobile games retail initiatives into the "dynamite" Ovi app store that you're all enjoying. The good news for Nokia is that they lost all their credibility with games publishers and content owners on this initiative a long time ago. The bad news is that they're not going to get many more chances to convince those stakeholders that they have the chops to play a meaningful role in the development of the mobile content business. Nokia desperately needs to start executing on services.

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  1. They burnt the trust AGAIN with the publishers and developers on OVI. OVI is a fake and the worst system you can see for consumers, publishers and developers and the worst thing is Nokia knows it but is not able to change it. Incompetent Management!