Friday, February 12, 2010

10 Takeaways From Mobile Games Earnings Season

  1. iPhone performance is the success driver at the moment
  2. Android, Ovi, WinMo & BlackBerry are still super-tiny businesses
  3. The carrier-based feature phone gaming business is declining much more rapidly than anyone had anticipated
  4. Publishers are scrambling to add social networking features to their games
  5. It's inadvisable to go through a protracted CEO search/transition during a paradigm shift in your industry
  6. No one talks about their China strategy anymore
  7. Zynga and Playfish envy is pervasive... everyone wants a piece of the Facebook game app action
  8. Margins are still razor thin to non-existent
  9. There's a lot of exuberance around new revenue streams from iPad games
  10. Overall, the mobile games business is flat
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