Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Readers Think EA Mobile Rocked The 4th Quarter

The results of my week long readers poll are in. I asked y'all the hard-hitting question, "Which mobile games publisher will show the strongest Q4 09 over Q4 08 revenue growth?" (and had the 5 public mobile games companies on the above chart as options)... and here's how you voted. Clearly readers believe the #1 mobile games player is firing on all cylinders and is gonna extend its lead over Gameloft (which reported 7% growth yesterday... if we cut them some slack). We'll know a lot more about how good you guys are next week when EA and Glu Mobile report earnings. Check back here for my follow-up. For the record, I voted for GAMEVIL.

Btw... just so you know, EA's fiscal quarters don't match calendar quarters, so the last calendar quarter of the year is their fiscal Q3 2010. This poll assumed calendar Q4 for all companies.
Btw2... if you didn't vote this time, be sure to participate in the next poll starting tomorrow.

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