Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Readers Don't Believe Glu Mobile Is Stuck On Hands-On

Inspired by my January 5th post, in which I advanced a theory about why Niccolo de Masi jumped ship from Hands-On Mobile to Glu Mobile (GLUU), I asked readers the question: "Will GLU Mobile & Hands-On Mobile Combine In 2010?" The poll only ran for 5 days because I wanted to close it in advance of Glu Mobile's earnings call tomorrow. Based on comments I received (on and offline) to my original post, I guess I'm not entirely surprised to see that a 63% majority of responders believe that this deal is not going to happen, while 37% indicated that it would. I did not vote in this poll, but I do still think a deal makes sense and probably should happen if Hands-On still has some cash in the bank.

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