Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Could Warner Bros Be Eyeing Glu?

A post today advanced this theory as an extension of rumors in the console blogosphere that the studio is in the process of creating a mega-gaming company and is about to buy UK publisher Codemasters. The thought is that Glu Mobile has had strategic partnerships with both Warner Bros & Codemasters since early 2007, which would make Glu a natural mobile component of the aforementioned gaming behemoth...and the recent run-up in Glu's stock has indicated to many that an acquisition is imminent. it. Frankly, despite the recent run-up, Glu's marketcap is still only ~$35mil...which could make an acquisition a relatively inexpensive way for WB to get a lot of mobile production and distribution capability very quickly. If the Warner Bros mega-games company rumor is true its success or failure will hinge upon how the studio structures the be successful the business will definitely need to have the autonomy/authority to continue to create original titles, acquire 3rd party IP and, perhaps most importantly, reject film titles that are not appropriate for gaming.

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