Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sonic Boom Wants A Bigger Bight of the Apple

Manhattan-based publisher Sonic Boom announced today that it has partnered with Canadian game developer Bight Games to realize their ambition to become a bigger player in the iTunes App Store. This major gaming push is no surprise given that the company recently hired some of the best & brightest from now extinct Vivendi Games Mobile to shepherd their content and publishing strategies. Sonic Boom will launch 3 new Bight titles over the next couple of weeks...doubling its Paid App offerings. The first, which will launch today, is a PocketGamer Silver Award winning brain-training number game called Big Top 10 ($0.99)...this will be followed by Puzzlings ($4.99), a cool looking avatar-based puzzler, and Kill All Bugs ($3.99), a tower defense insect battler. With 6 paid titles in the App Store Sonic will have more titles in play than Capcom, Konami or Hands-On....for now, at least. As I outlined in a post yesterday many established publishers (companies that pre-date the iPhone) are aggressively pushing content into the App Store, and those that have pushed the hardest seem to be reaping the rewards...if not from a financial perspective, at least from an industry perception perspective. As we all know, Apple continues to dominate mindshare in the mobile content space and those who aren't yet participating on their platform are definitely planning to be in short order.

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