Monday, June 8, 2009

New iPhone 3Gs Announced...Available June 19

I followed multiple live blogs starting at 10am PST today...the best were Gizmodo, Engadget (thanks for the image) and My inner geek really enjoyed the live commentary on multiple liveblogs (and viewer comments about those liveblogs) on Bwana.TV (through Justin.TV)...funny.

So here's what was announced:
  • Ability to access AT&T's newest HSPA 7.2mbps network
  • Enhanced processor loads Apps 2x to 3x faster
  • 3mp camera with auto focus & low light compensation
  • Video capture @ 30fps & basic editing tools
  • Voice controls for phone features & iTunes content
  • MMS...though AT&T not supporting until the end of Summer (lame)
  • Digital compass
  • Turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • Nike+ support
  • Remote find & data wipe feature (kinda cool)
  • Tethering (iPhone can be used as a data connect card)...except AT&T not supporting
  • Better battery life
  • 16gb version $199
  • 32gb version $299
  • Old iPhone 3G 8gb repriced to $99

Here's some rumored stuff that didn't happen:

  • No new form factor
  • No OLED display
  • No front-facing camera for video conferencing
  • No matte finish (who cares)
  • No Steve Jobs appearance
Overall I think Apple did a pretty good job of meeting industry expectations. The 3Gs is definitely an evolutionary (as opposed to revolutionary) product...but together with the new OS and a more & more robust App Store it should continue to be the hottest handset on the market. In addition, pricing the year old 8gb 3G at $99 will make iPhone an option for a broader audience. Sorry Pre.

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