Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breaking Stories: Picsel & Mandalay

The Register is reporting that Scottish mobile file-rendering innovator Picsel Technologies may be kaput. If it's true, sad to see them go...good guys with good technology. Unfortunately, this is another mobile company that had a hard time figuring out who their customer was...carriers, handset manufacturers, IP owners? btw...that all said, gotta have a chuckle at the URL on The Register link, check it out.

Hot on the heals of my post yesterday about Mandalay Media's earnings, Mobile Entertainment revealed today that the company (through a subsidiary of its Twistbox brand) is an intensifying legal dispute with long-suffering former porn-powerhouse Penthouse over the payment of a minimum guarantee & product promotion. I would call this worrisome in light of Mandalay's reliance on premium adult content and their cash situation.

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