Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The US Is Getting Smartphonier, But Which OS Is The Smartphoniest?

FierceDeveloper ran a piece yesterday profiling the various mobile operating systems, including subscribers, recent growth rates, launch dates, supporting handset manufacturers, etc. Most of the information came from recent comScore survey data that revealed 30mil Americans have smartphones while 204mil still have dumbphones (and the rest have Fisher-Price phones). Here's the numbers by OS & growth rates from Feb to May 2009...
  1. BlackBerry = 12,202,058 +26.2%
  2. Windows Mobile = 7,040,584 +3.4%
  3. iPhone = 5,744,018 +9.2%
  4. Palm = 2,406,244 +0.3%
  5. Symbian = 889,232 +0.1%
  6. Android = 797,633 +86%
The growth information is obviously distorted somewhat by product release, as you can imagine, iPhone will show crazy growth in the next cycle from 3Gs as will Palm from the Pre/WebOS. In the following cycle I'd expect to see Android growth spike again if the HTC Magic/myTouch performs to its potential. Frankly, I was pretty impressed by just how dominant BlackBerry is in the US and with how big Windows Mobile still, I don't know anyone with a Windows Mobile device (except my mother-in-law...seriously).

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