Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Report: At AT&T Motricity is Jen & Amdocs is Angelina

Mobile Entertainment is reporting that AT&T Mobility is replacing its deck platform management system from partner Motricity with that from software & services giant Amdocs (the company that bought Qpass back in 2006). If true, this will be a huge blow to Bellvue, WA based Motricity, which also recently lost their Bell Mobility account. That said, there won't be many publisher tears shed for the Frankenstein-esque implementation of Motricity's mCore platform at AT&T... which can trace roots back to a product Moviso LLC (oh, the memories) implemented at Cingular in the beginning of the decade. Apparently the change is happening as part of the phase out of MEdia Mall and its replacement with AppCenter as AT&T's storefront for all mobile content. According to the article, publishers will be transitioned to Amdocs next month and AT&T claims, on its website, that AppCenter is launching this summer (better hurry).