Friday, September 18, 2009

ME's Top 10 Mobile Entertainment Misconceptions

This post from Wednesday by Stuart Dredge over at Mobile Entertainment is awesomeness... not sure how I missed it until now. Check it out if you haven't already. To whet your appetites here's Stu's list of popular misconceptions, but believe me, the real entertainment value of the piece comes from reading the witty and concise set of words he uses to dispatch each item in this collection of old saws and new myths.

1. "We're going to be big in China / India..."
2. "People are more willing to pay on mobile..."
3. "iPhone is the promised land..."
4. "The problem with 99-cent iPhone apps..."
5. "A mobile phone is such a personal device, it's perfect for targeted marketing..."
6. "Build an app store, and they will come..."
7. "Fragmentation will cease to be an issue in time..."
8. "It's big in Japan..."
9. "Location-based technology is intrinsically exciting for consumers..."
10. "The operators are toast..."

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