Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update: GLUU Volume Stays High As Boards Buzz About Changyou & Other Theories

Here's a summary of some of the latest chatter from trading boards:
  • Glu is about to merge with or be purchased by Chinese online gaming powerhouse Changyou.com Ltd (CYOU)
  • GGV Capital made an aggressive Glu buy (400k+) in anticipation of a big announcement...others followed
  • Substantial insider buying on renewed confidence
  • Conjecture about a management buy-out while the stock is cheap
  • Investors believe the company is well positioned to take advantage of iPhone in China (...but then why wouldn't Gameloft be jumping as well?)
  • Some think technicals support a higher stock price


  1. Has Greg Ballard announced a last day yet?

  2. Re: Ballard...I am not aware that he has announced a last day and have heard nothing about the search for his replacement (maybe time to do some more asking :-))