Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top 12 Games Samsung Application Store UK Day 1

Mobile Entertainment did a good job of covering the launch of Samsung's Application Store in the UK, France & Italy today. Their story inspired me to create a small spreadsheet with the Top 12 games as a point of comparison to the Top 25 chart I posted for BlackBerry App World the other day. Clearly the title and publisher mix here will evolve as more companies gear up to support this platform... assuming Samsung leverages its substantial install base well enough to make it worth their while. Out the gate the price points seem high when compared with US versions of the App Store and App World, though this maybe attributable to forex & historically higher prices for mobile games in the UK. Also, Handmark is, it would seem, already making the most of its WinMo & S60 aggregation deal with Samsung.
btw -- would it kill these handset OEMs to come up with more original names for their content retail stores? Could you imagine what a vibrant mall you would have if every boutique was named Clothes World, Clothes Store, Clothing Store, etc.?... kudos to Nokia for breaking the mold. Overall, I think these uninspired names are further evidence that most handset manufacturers don't have the right DNA to be good merchants.


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