Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ovi Actually Means Hot Mess In Finnish ran a great piece this morning entitled Nokia Only Had 10 Million Ovi Downloads In First Three Months (that's not the store client folks, it's total pieces of content!), which featured several gems from EVP of Services Niklas Savander:

1) Re: Ovi's launch he said, “We totally underestimated demand on the first day. We had an outage on the first day which was not our plan.” Sooo...Nokia didn't plan for the service to be popular? Frankly, I think they should congratulate themselves, because with the exception of those pesky first few days, they clearly planned appropriately.

2) After admitting that the service was clunky & not comparable to the sleek interface of iPhone he suggested that, “When we have 100 countries, that’s when we’ll see the true potential in full swing.” if you have a non-competitive, crap service the best strategy is to roll it out to every corner of the globe, in a whole bunch of languages, before getting it right in the launch territories? Well, of course it is, if you want to leverage your lack of popularity worldwide.

3) ...and finally, “It looks promising and it is meeting the aggressive plans we have.” Indeed.

Mission accomplished.


  1. Nokia build up the worst system you can get. Nokia is not able to handle content. They never had. N-Gage 1, 1.5, 2 were a flop, Nokia Games Club was a mess, Preminet, SNAP guess what... Ovi is nothing else.
    EVERY content owner is making jokes about that company. Everyone is complaining directly and indirectly at Nokia.

    They are big but thats all. They should finally buy or cooperate with companies knowing what they are doing. OVI was close to the last chance they had and they are burning it again. unbelievable stupid

  2. I totally agree. As a former content owner I've seen and been underwhelmed by them all, starting with Club Nokia back in 2001. I was actually part of the Preminet press campaign in 2004 ( vaporware. Nokia has a lot of smart people and is capable of so much more.