Monday, January 4, 2010

Breaking: Niccolo de Masi Named Glu Mobile CEO

Whoa! Former Monstermob wunderkind, and most recently Hands-On Mobile CEO, Niccolo de Masi has just been named President and CEO of Glu Mobile. This is shocking since he was just named to the head post at Hands-On Mobile this past October. It makes one wonder what on earth is happening at that long-struggling publisher. More to follow... Meanwhile according the Glu Mobile press release:

Niccolo brings to Glu a strong background of senior management and executive experience in the mobile gaming and content sectors. Most recently, Niccolo served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Hands-On Mobile, a mobile technology company and developer and publisher of mobile entertainment. From June 2006 to February 2007, Niccolo was the CEO of the London-listed mobile entertainment company Monstermob Group PLC, and prior to being named CEO, he was responsible for formulating and implementing Monstermob's growth and product strategy. Prior to joining Monstermob in 2004, Niccolo worked in a variety of corporate finance and operational roles within the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector, beginning his career with JP Morgan on both the TMT debt capital markets and mergers and acquisitions teams in London. Niccolo has also worked as a physicist with Siemens Solar and within the Strategic Planning and Development divisions of Technicolor. Niccolo holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Physics, and an MSci. degree in Electronic Engineering—all from Cambridge University.

In connection with the appointment of Mr. de Masi as Glu’s new President and CEO, the Compensation Committee of Glu’s Board of Directors awarded Mr. de Masi a non-qualified stock option to purchase 1,250,000 shares of Glu’s common stock pursuant to Glu’s 2008 Equity Inducement Plan, which is a non-stockholder approved plan. This stock option was granted to Mr. de Masi on January 4, 2010 and has an exercise price equal to the closing price of Glu’s common stock on the NASDAQ Global Market on such date.


  1. IS this a good move by Glu? I can't help feeling that they are still a company without a whole lot of direction...

  2. Wunderkind? What wonders did he done at Hands-on? So whats next at Hands-on? Finally closing the doors or trying to get again fresh VC money?

    I doubt its a smart move for Glu!

  3. @Anonymous... I was being ever so slightly facetious with the term wunderkind, though there's no denying he's a kid who's had a few CEO jobs. De Masi clearly has a pedigree that appeals to banker-types (Cambridge/JP Morgan), but he's definitely yet to prove himself as a turnaround artist or as an inspirational leading voice in the mobile content space. Overall, I think it's an odd choice for Glu. That said, I wish him luck and let's all expect great things.

  4. @jeremy just read this - quite funny how a colleague is thinking about him. And he is not the only one! I know more saying similar things.

    Glu dont need a wunderkind - they need a complete management and more importantly a good team and a vision! I do not believe he can provide the spirit!