Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Mobile Hotness | Latin America | Courtesy of Matt Garlick

The 2nd installment in Cabana Mobile's series The Mobile Hotness covers some of the latest buzz and trends in Latin America, and is provided courtesy of Matt Garlick, Director of Latin America for global mobile marketing and content technology company 2ergo. Matt is based in Buenos Aires.
  • MEF Launches: The Mobile Entertainment Forum launches in Latin America with lead sponsors Playphone, Dada and 2ergo. Its first initiatives will be in Brazil, where the trade association will attempt to address challenges faced by content providers in terms of regulation, taxes, shortcode provisioning, etc.
  • Plaza Widgets: América Móvil (194mil subs) launches Qualcomm's Plaza widgets platform to streamline the creation of highly customized, lightweight, connected mobile applications, and (one hopes) simplify monetization…an interesting play aimed at providing subscribers with rich (quasi mobile internet) experiences in predominantly feature phone markets.
  • Android Devices: Motorola launched the Milestone with Personal in Argentina, Samsung and HTC launched Android handsets with TIM in Brazil, and HTC launched with Entel PCS in Chile…what will the iPhone vs. Android landscape look like a year from now in Latin America?
  • Mobile Advertising: At the end of 2009 Amobee began rolling out mobile advertising services across Telefónica’s Latin American operators while América Móvil partnered with MyScreen to deliver full-screen ads
  • Market Saturation: With 100% mobile penetration for Chile and Argentina in place, and Brazil predicted for 2010…carriers will be keen to better understand who their (pre-paid) users are and which pricing models and services help them retain or attract them as they begin to compete for the same customers.
  • Mad QR COWdes: Leading Brazilian interactive marketing agency pontomobi is hoping to enhance consumer awareness about 2-D QR codes by tagging cows in this year's Sao Paulo CowParade (see video below)... which is one of the biggest street art events in the world.

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