Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is The US Worth $540mil To Mobile Game Publishers?

SNL Kagan teased a study that they released today entitled “Economics of Mobile Games," in which they claim the US mobile games market accounted for $540mil in publisher revenue in 2009. The full report (which I'm sure I can't afford) apparently ranks the Top 21 game publishers by US revenue. It would be awesome to have this, but most of us will have to make do with the Top 4 included in their release. Above I've lined up the data they've shared with my last 4 quarters through Q3 2009 for that same Top 4... which includes my (perhaps inflated) $90mil estimate for Namco's mobile business. I've also compared SNLK's total US market size estimate to my latest WW publisher revenue estimate of $1.136bil (which assumes my Top 10 revenue estimate of $795mil equals 70% of total publisher revenue). Let me know what you guys think.

btw - did you notice that they make no mention of Snackable's claimed $85mil in revenue?

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  1. Where does the revenue should come from? Including iPhone or excluding?

    Did you noticed that Apple mentioned 55mil downloads for Gameloft titles and Gameloft released the news of 10mil paid units...

    The Apple show was great - you could easily get nice figures out of it. Just do some simple maths.

    US revenues in mobile are going down at the carrier business. So I am keen to see the final figures from the stock traded companies. The big ones suffer. Midsize are going out of mobile or leaving BREW/J2ME Business. It will be a damn funny and hard year. But the market is cleaned out after that year.