Monday, May 17, 2010

Updated Enterprise Values of 15 Public Mobile Entertainment Companies

What a difference a week makes. I'm already updating this spreadsheet with some new data. Here are some notable changes:
  • Buongiorno posted Q1 2010 earnings
  • Velti filed updated earnings with the SEC as part of their bid to go public on the NASDAQ (they're currently listed on LSE)... their numbers are pretty impressive (more on that soon)
  • Mandalay Media, parent of Twistbox & AMV, changed its name to NeuMedia, Inc. & announced a notice of default related to a cash balance provision from a key creditor
  • ROK Entertainment's stock is down over 50% today (guessing they'll be more news to follow). Btw - did y'all know the biggest shareholder in ROK is the DeJoria family, which controls the Paul Mitchell salon product empire? Always thought the guy in the ads was Paul Mitchell... but that's actually John Paul DeJoria (Mitchell was his founding partner). Anyhoo, probably hasn't been a great investment no matter how you cut & color it

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