Wednesday, July 7, 2010

HotStocked Takes On The Curious Case of Amico Games

It turns out that Amico Games Corp. (AMCG), the former Chinese mining company that magically morphed into a public Java & WAP mobile games publisher (that no one has ever heard of), is even too weird for the jaded penny stock set., in a post that included the video above, expressed concern about a recent story (that was linked from the company's website) that referred to Amico as the "largest U.S. steel grating producer." What HotStocked probably doesn't realize is that there's a proud tradition of this sort of shape shifting nonsense in the mobile entertainment space, which features other public companies whose SIC codes indicate they're primarily in the auto repair or restaurant business... which, in those particular examples, they probably should be.


  1. Amico Games released Q3 10Q July 15th. Revenues increased 64% and income increased 748% from YTD 2009.

  2. I have been tracking this stock. You can only access these services in china. Six cents is the 52 week low and the price is now .072. The 52 week high is .28.

    I believe someone is driving the stock down through bad press so that they can accumulate the stock.

    This company has a lot of potential. Most important, it is debt free.

    I will be watching early Monday morning to enter a position.