Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top 10 Mobile Games Publishers WW August 2010

All numbers are for the most recent 4 quarters for which I have data, at today's exchange rates.

In terms of non-public, guesstimated data, I've moved Chillingo onto this list... due to their boffo performance in the AppStore (see related post)... I'll move them up or down based on community feedback. I've also let Namco slip a bit as the PacMan franchise seems to cooling a bit in the new retail channels. I still have D'Choc hanging on by a thread. Granted, they've rolled a lot of iOS titles, but none appear to be rockstars and their new emphasis on Facebook games is a bit of a tell, right? Do you guys think ngmoco should be on this list? Please, please let me know your thoughts.


  1. I guess the biggest issue is companies such as DeNA, which do mobile entertainment and some games. Obviously on a gross level it would be the #1 on the list as its Q1 revenue was $279 million. Otherwise, Tapulous/Disney should be there, maybe Backflip too. Ngmoco/Freeverse.. I'd be v surprised if it's yet doing circa $10 million/year.

  2. Hey Jon -- great points as usual. Yup DeNA would definitely be the biggest, but I kept them out because I view them more as a social gaming infrastructure/platform company. But to the extent they're publishing titles, and breaking that business out, maybe I should include them. I actually just noticed that KongZhong in China now has a post-$20mil annual mobile games business... so they could soon join this list. Totally forgot about Tapulous, will do some snooping on that front, as well as Backflip.