Monday, February 2, 2009

2 More Reasons For iPhone To Dominate Industry & Consumer Mindshare

1) Information Week is reporting this morning that Apple is planning video conferencing applications for the iPhone. Cool...if this is true it'll be like Japan 4 years ago! Wonder what the monthly tariff from AT&T will be on that service?

2) Consumer adoption of the iPhone and other smartphones (one of my TREND WATCH items) is apparently behind a 17% increase in downloads of mobile games in 2008 according a ComScore release last Friday. The iPhone accounted for a whopping 14% of all mobile games downloads in November 2008 with 32.4% of iPhone users having claimed to have downloaded at least one mobile game in that month...which is pretty impressive since the average across all device users is still a paltry 3.8% in a month.

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