Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fox Mobile Frustrated With App Store

Great piece on MocoNews.net this morning reviewing a conversation they had with Fox Mobile CEO Mauro Montanaro that captures the frustration many content owners and publishers are having with the world's hottest mobile content distribution platform - iPhone/iTunes App Store. Reinforcing my favorite rant, Montanaro talks about the lack of editorial oversight from Apple and the difficulty in getting applications discovered in the clutter of 15k applications. Montanaro also brings up an interesting issue with regard to marketing...he mentions that Fox is frustrated by their lack of ability to market their iPhone applications either directly on the iPhone (with banner ads) or on other media in a way that is actionable (with shortcodes).

btw -- as a test I'd like to ask readers with iTunes to click on the hyperlinked title that follows and see it opens Fox Mobile's "very successful" licensed Marley & Me application in the App Store: FooPets Marley Puppy

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