Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sidekick is Most Jacked Handset

Perhaps further enhancing the street cred of the quirky IMtexterrific flip top from T-Mo USA and Danger, USA Today posted an AP story speculating that the Sidekick may be America's most stolen handset. Police say that thieves in Boston, NYC and Providence are deliberately targeting the device and in some cases perps are even following users to an opportune spot to do the crime. Besides the celeb cache of the device the story cites the device's portable SIM card (inherent on GSM network devices) and the fact the US carriers apparently do not share information with each other about stolen handsets, like they do in Europe, (gotta love learning something new from USA Today) as contributing factors. The situation has gotten so out of hand in Boston that police and students from Boston Arts Academy teamed to create a poster warning people to "Hold On To Your Kick".

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