Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mobile Content = $23.9 bil in 2008...Really?

Mobile Entertainment cites a Portio Research study that claims the 2008 market for mobile content worldwide was $23.9 bil and will rise to $47 bil in 2013. Here's the breakdown by geography and category:

APAC = 42.5%
Europe = 34.2
North America = 16.9%
ROW = 6.4%

Music = $11.7 bil (tones & tracks)
Video = $6.7 bil
Games = $5.5 bil

None of this seems right to me. Which companies are recognizing all this revenue from content in APAC? Who is successfully monetizing mobile video, anywhere? I'd love to hear readers' thoughts.

Frankly I've always been interested in trying to reverse engineer these analysts' numbers by looking at the revenue of firms involved creating and delivering mobile content. To that end, I would like to solicit Cabana Mobile readers to help me put together a database of the revenues (or best estimates) of mobile content firms worldwide. I've got a preliminary list built...once it gets a little more scale I'll post it.

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