Monday, May 18, 2009

Are These The Top 20 Mobile Entertainment Companies By Revenue?

I think so...but I could be wrong. Who am I missing? Anyone on this list who shouldn't be there? Any issues with the order? I'll adjust and re-post based on feedback.
btw -- this list obviously includes mobile entertainment divisions of companies that are not exclusively involved in mobile or mobile entertainment. Also it does not include the mobile operators or divisions of traditional entertainment companies, such as the studios, networks & music companies.


  1. Is Dwango still at it?

  2. Dwango = Funny
    Cellfish LLC...which is Lagardere's mobile group (diluted w/ ~$60mil in VC money) generated $116mil in revs in 2005 with 250 employees (2007 era website info says over $100mil w/ 320 employees)...which would put it in the top 12 today...but I think things have been in a death spiral for them over the last 2 years. If anyone has a good # I'll add them.