Thursday, May 28, 2009

Walt & Nokia's "OP" Kallasvuo Chat About Symbian, N97 & US Carrier Relations At D7

  1. Symbian is a great OS and I hope more hardware manufacturers adopt it for more devices...but it has no hotness factor. Android has the OS hotness factor right now.
  2. N97 rocks (I want one)...but it will get no market traction in the US if it costs $700.
  3. There's a lot of blah, blah, blah here about building carrier relations in the US...but, what's actually happening? My feeling is that Nokia needs to re-build the aspirational nature of its brand with US consumers by supplying operators with cool, high-end devices (e.g. N-series, 5800 Xpress Music, E-series). I think many Americans associate Nokia with some of the low-end crap on T-Mo (1680, 2760) and/or their first "Nokia brick" handset.

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