Friday, May 15, 2009

Twistbox To Help Private Reach "New Penetration Levels" in $2.2bil Mobile Adult Content Market, I didn't make that up, I didn't have to. Tim Clausen, VP of Sales at Private Media Group (PRVT) did in a press release today describing the Spanish adult content company's expanded worldwide mobile distribution relationship with LA-based Twistbox Entertainment. Specifically he said, "We look forward to increasing our mobile revenue through the new penetration levels we will achieve on Twistbox's vast distribution network." Funny. Moving on...this is actually a pretty big deal for Twistbox and their parent company Mandalay Media (MNDL)...a film production company founded by entertainment industry legend Peter Guber, that's morphed into a new media holding company. It reinforces their position as a leader in the on & off deck distribution of adult images, video and mobile TV channels worldwide (the company also has a mobile games division, which they acquired from InfoSpace)....and their stock price is up 77% on the news, in early trading today. Adult content is a pretty substantial business in Europe & Latin America where the carriers are much more liberal about (and not afraid of making money from) such content. Juniper Research estimated the WW mobile adult content market at $2.2bil in 2008 and a former content director at Vodafone famously said a couple of years ago that 70% of downloads on the carrier were of adult content. Shocking (not).

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