Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trip Hawkins Claims D'Choc Is #1 Games Company on iPhone

According to an interview on CNBC today, Digital Chocolate CEO & games industry legend, Trip Hawkins claims that his company is now the #1 games publisher on the iTunes App Store platform by virtue of its 20mil downloads to date. As a corollary, the company is also claiming to be responsible for a full 2% of all iPhone App downloads (20mil =2% of 1bil). Wow! As I expressed in a post last month about a similar Digital Chocolate claim, I'm kinda skeptical (it's my nature)...unless, the overwhelming majority of downloads are of free versions of their Apps (12 of 25 D'Choc games live in the US App Store are free). Also, I would really be interested to hear what Gameloft, Glu Mobile, et al make of these claims!!! But, perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps they're moving a huge # of paid Apps and Digital Chocolate is poised to burst into the top-tier of mobile game publishers with triple-digit revenue growth in 2009.

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