Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ovi Is Too Sexy For Its Site

The moblogosphere has been buzzing all day about myriad difficulties Nokia has been experiencing as they rolled out their online & downloadable on-device Ovi mobile applications stores in over 100 countries starting this weekend. The oft-delayed service, originally announced in the Summer of 2007, has been highly anticipated within the mobile entertainment community. Personally, I haven't had any issues accessing their very on trend looking (Apple/Hulu-esque) website...however, many must have because Nokia has openly acknowledged problems and attributed them to "extraordinarily high spikes of traffic." Gotta love it when a company uses an apology as an opportunity to pay itself a compliment...in this case, attributing problems to too much success (must be a core tenet of Spin 101 class at Publicity U). That's nice, but to quickly effectively mitigate criticism Nokia must immediately fix site performance issues, continually add cool apps (like daily), demonstrate some early sales success AND get Ovi into & keep it in the public consciousness (unlike BlackBerry App World...which an absolute consumer non-event).

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